it's a family affair

Belle Âme Bridal is the creation of Lynda, Judy and Tiffany - three sisters who love everything about weddings! We bring our passion and extensive business experience to our boutique as a team. We each offer different skill sets that allow us to be successful but the one thing we all have in common aside from this being our dream is that we will obsess over you and your dress journey... we are so excited for the chance to be a part of the most important day of your life.

Belle Âme Bridal is our livelihood; we have poured our hearts and souls into this journey and we are thankful everyday for every bride that we meet.

 three sisters, 

 one dream...

 Hello gorgeous! I serve as your bridal consultant when you visit. What drives me everyday to work hard is the fear of failing, but I am surrounded by a lot of strong women and I see everyday how hard they work - whether it's at their job, being a mom or even just being a good wife - and that inspires me to be the best version of myself. I am a bridal visionary and graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in Supply Chain. I recently married my man of 8 years in March and we don't have any babies, and no (mom) we do not plan on having one any time soon. We also don't have fur-babies, but I've always wanted a puppy so I spend a lot of time sending cute photos of dogs to my husband... and I will continue to do so until we get one! :)


director of operations


director of business development

I know this is super lame...but my biggest supporters are my sisters, otherwise, they would not have taken the plunge with me. My second biggest supporter is my husband, also affectionately known as my roommate. He takes on the "mommy" role when I am busy trying to be a boss lady. I have an extensive education background as a former teacher and assistant principal, receiving my bachelor's degree at the University of Houston and my masters at Concordia University. 

I have been married 3 years and are blessed with two children, Charlotte and Winston, and have three furbabies. I have a messy house 24/7 - every time I clean it, I turn around and it's a mess again. Whether in my personal life or my professional domination, every bride is part of my family, the Belle Âme Bridal family.

 I have given full creativity decisions to my sisters. We are smart business women and I trust their judgement. Financial decisions are run through me since this is my area of expertise. I'm a tax accountant by trade! I've been married for 8 years to my wonderful husband, but currently, the apple of my eye is my son, Cooper. My husband and I met at Texas A&M, where we both attended. I pursued a degree in business, focused in accounting and he's an engineer. My ideal client is someone who is in love. To love someone is to love one's self. This means having the confidence to venture beyond the limitations of what our culture considers to be ideal and redefining what "beautiful" really is.

director of finance